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Raison d'être

The original free-access Miniature-Calibre Rifle Range website at

has been home to the HARC-MCRRS since the mid- "Nineteen-Nineties"

( N.R.A. - Historic Arms Resource Centre - Miniature Calibre Rifle Research Site)

and incorporates the information and results for the HARC Miniature Rifle Postal Leagues

The site has always been dedicated to those with an interest in historic rifles with particular reference to

British, Commonwealth and other relevant Military Miniature-Calibre Training Rifles,

along with a representation of equivalent small-bore Target Rifles,

and particularly including the products of the Birmingham Small Arms Company

This new "PRIME" website has been developed for the more dedicated enthusiast, and offers a significantly updated and expanded research facility, unencumbered by advertising matter, and provides catalogue and other material not previously available.

Any income derived from donations to this site will go towards the considerable expenses that have accrued from running a free-access site for nearly twenty years.

The previous arrangement could not continue, as costs of equipment, research, authoring and hosting have exceeded the capability of retired volunteers to keep up with expenditure.

We hope the new site will prove an ongoing, worthwhile, self-funding alternative - to readers' greater benefit - and with their benevolence.

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